1. See Them Live – As the GAA ads go: “nothing beats being there”. It’s always a good idea to go to a band’s showcase. That way you can get your own true response to the musicians’ performance right in front of you, and decide for yourself whether or not they’re right for you.


  1. Are They Experienced? – Jimi Hendrix once asked, “Are You Experienced?”. He might well have meant this in quite a different context, but heed his words: experience is everything.  Just like any trade, the best, most reliable exponents are those that have done it before. The experienced know what they are doing and are not guessing or ignorant of all the external factors that are present on a wedding day.


  1.  Get chatting – Often bands have booking agents who are on call 24/7. Chat to them about what it is you’re after. They will help hugely in planning, organising and making sure you get what you want on your big day. Our Joanna is especially attentive and dedicated.


  1. Square Peg, Round Hole – Let’s say you like a particular rock band, but want them to play a lot of not-so-rock music. The result will probably be much like a visit to the dentist – awkward, uncomfortable and leaving you wishing you had more novocaine. It’s much better to get a band that does the styles you want naturally, rather than try to tailor-make what’s there. Some bands (like Sway Social!) make it their business to master every style, which is always for weddings!


  1. Cater for your Crowd – You will have an amazing time. But you want your guests to have an amazing time too. Ask yourself questions like, ‘My band is quite one-genre-specific, how will that go down with my guests?’, ‘Is this the right band for my intimate venue?’ and ‘Who’s that man in my garden?’. Easy ways to help yourself make the right decision!