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What’s So Great About Sway Social?

So you’ve decided to check out Sway Social as your potential wedding band. Let’s maximise that potential, by telling you what we do best.

  • Sway Social are a 100% live four-piece. 

    The incredible sound of Sway Social is four experts singing and playing instruments in the moment, right in front of you, totally live. No backing tracks, which means they respond on the night and can expertly play what people want. They are four virtuosos, performing as one, on guitar (Gavin), bass (Ed), keyboards (James) and drums (Ian). Sway Social Wedding Band are ever dedicated to providing the most excellent service, the unforgettable night’s musical entertainment that you deserve for your big day. We set the perfect tone for your wedding evening music – a performance that comprises those timeless classic songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s plus the contemporary tracks that are currently featuring in the charts. For 3 hours, Sway Social Wedding Band cover a vast range of popular songs and styles – just take a look at our full extensive playlist. Fun and energetic, Sway Social know how to entertain your friends and guests. If you want your guests dancing and having a ball, Sway Social wedding band are the right choice for you.

  • We play a mahoosive setlist

    Spanning from the 1950s right to the present–  the big variety represents our vocal ability as four lead singers (really really) with the experience of “too many years to mention” together in music. We also have a list of first dance songs on offer for you if you are stuck for inspiration for the big dance. We have our own little way of arranging the music – it’s a blazing, non-stop, energetic run through all of your favourites, with barely a pause between.

  • As a result, there is something for everyone. 

    Don’t take our word for it though, check out our VIDEO, check out our feedback. We stand out from other wedding bands by consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. 

    Sway Social not only sounds great, but we’ve have the experience and reputation to back it up, from representing Ireland in Eurovision song contests to mingling with Westlife, Michael Ball and even the beloved Dustin from The Den, we’ve perfected performing to an absolute tee.

Read our “All You Need To Know” Guide!

Hi Joanna, I just want to say how brilliant SWAY were on Sunday. We cannot wait for them to play at our wedding. We had a chance to talk to the lads also and they were great and so helpful. We will definitely be bringing our friends along to listen to them. Emer, Saturday 8th August 2015 | Markree Castle Sligo‏

To sum up? “Sway Social  are really just a roaring bundle of fun, experience, expertise and passion rolled into one and driven by a love of music” (quote from a deliriously happy couple). 

For all the nitty-gritty on booking Sway Social, check out our Q&A section or get in contact with our label – MusicAngel and our Booking Manager Joanna on 087 231 0001.


A Little Tip!! Please be wary of companies currently offer wedding bands whose members may only be meeting for the first time on the night of your wedding!

They say that the band you select for the wedding night is of paramount importance. Imagine booking a band for your amazing day, but then a different band shows up. Perhaps, fortunately, it’s the same singer you liked at the showcase, but the band is entirely different to what you saw, comprising of musicians who have never met before that moment. This ‘band’ will call themselves the same name as another ‘band’ who are playing at another wedding on the same night as yours. And another wedding. A fleet of bands with one name, each comprised of, well, whoever’s free. Incredibly, this is happening all the time.

Sway Social are an actual BAND. They are four people who’ve known each other for years and played together a thousand times!. There is no substitute for the tight, bonded quality of a band who live and breathe each other’s playing and have done so at countless weddings.