We’ll start from the very beginning...

 One fine day, there were four guys who met by chance.  With floppy hair and guitars slung over our backs. Think Stand By Me. Think American Pie (a little). They grew up a little and pursued different directions, each following their own musical paths but remaining best of friends.

However they began seeking each over out in time,  looking to start something new and fresh. All individually musically brilliant, they decided to form a band, with the knowledge that the four of them, as experienced lead singers and instrumentalists (really really) would have an unrivalled ability to create the most beautiful harmonies. And that was that.  So Sway Social was born.

It was a match made in music. So you ask, what experience do the boys have? It’s time to meet the band.

Having studied virtually every instrument known to man, he is by no means a musical newbie. Gavin has represented Ireland in the Eurovision twice, played with After Dark for over a decade and even mingled with Phats & Small and our beloved Dustin from The Den.


Keeping rhythm tight as the drummer, Ian’s experience includes playing as the percussionist for Riverdance as well as working with the likes of Mariah Carey. His theatrical credits even include The Wedding Singer! Tons of fun, Ian keeps Sway laughing all day, everyday.
First paving his way musically as a DJ, James has played alongside industry veterans of all sorts as well as his own venture- The Illusion Band, before forming Sway Social as something “new, fresh and relevant” with his three equally talented friends.


Starting young like the rest of the boys, Ed has worked everywhere including with Westlife and even as time to fit in his gig as the voice of Centra. “Centra for The Way We Live Today”- yes, that’s the one. When we asked Ed his likes, “Ladies’s Wedding Dresses” was the answer that we got back.…