Sway Social DJ

Thought we couldn’t get any more impressive? Think again! Our lead singer Gavin is also an experienced DJ and can offer a seamless link between the band’s live performance and the after-hours DJ set.

  • It’s Quick: Gavin will begin immediately after the band’s live performance with a smooth transition between the two. No delays.
  • It’s Fun: Gavin knows his stuff and he knows how to get people moving. If a jam-packed dance floor is what you’re after, Gavin’s your man.
  • It’s Tailored: The music provided is completely customised by you. Create a personal playlist featuring all of your special requests. We’ll work closely with you to make sure you only hear what you want to hear on the night.  Featuring a complete music library from the 30’s to the present, we will play all your requests, including all your party favourites.