The MusicAngel Expert Seal of Approval

MusicAngel is a music label that represents the best talent in wedding entertainment.

An agency. But not any old agency. They only represent the best. And that’s the catch.


The Relationship between Sway Social and MusicAngel   


This is how the relationship between MusicAngel and Sway Social goes. Sway Social are taken care of by MusicAngel and Joanna Brennan and her team. Joanna is a noted wedding expert and booking manager for a number of bands. If you have a simple question for the band, or want to book Sway Social, it is MusicAngel who are gonna help you out. Joanna and her team take you under their wing and look after every aspect of your entertainment for the day.


The History Behind It

Over the past decade, MusicAngel has handpicked a number of bands to add to their label, under one umbrella group – “MusicAngel“.

The MusicAngel group represent a handpicked selection of bands, and Sway Social are one of these chosen bands. Simple as that.


The Seal of Approval


Best wedding band winners

That’s right. We’ve got the much-sought-after MusicAngel Seal of Approval. In order to get ourselves signed to the label, we had to demonstrate our talent, and needless to say, it was intense. MusicAngel are notoriously picky so this is a big deal.

The MusicAngel group represent a small handful of not only bands, but also ceremony singers, drinks reception bands and much much more.


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